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Event 7th of February 2023: Labour agreements and what this means for you

Major revisions are expected in the hiring and promotion strategies of early career researchers, initiated by recent changes in the collective labour agreement for university staff, and the ongoing debate on reward and recognition. But what are these changes exactly, and what do these changes entail for your current situation? Not knowing the legal consequences could be stressful. Furthermore, understanding the exact changes could help you in providing useful feedback to your institutes while the transition is still in progress. We are therefore excited to host this first event in collaboration with the AOb (union for teaching staff and scientific personnel, affiliated with the Dutch Trade Union Confederation, FNV). Marijtje Jongsma (board member AOb) and Donald Pechler (negotiator Dutch collective labour agreement), will explain the Dutch labour agreements relevant for assistant professors (and the role of the unions in this process) and discuss important consequences of the latest developments.

When: February 7th 2023, 12:15 – 13:15 with an optional question session until 13:30.

Where: online, link shared upon registration for the event.

Cost: None.

How to register: Member only.

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